This year of 2016 is the fifteenth anniversary of the Maurice O'Keeffe Festical of Sliabh Luachra music. Down those years it has been a delight to see how Maurice and his musical colleagues have encouraged and nurtured the youngsters of the region. They have developed from awkward, hestitant, children all thumbs and fingers and no sense of rythm or deftness of touch. They progressed through the teenage years, and still stayed true to the traditional music of the area, despite all the temptations of popular music and MTV.

Now they are themselves accomplished, confident and exciting musicians in their own right. They can command a stage and an audience with the same verve, inspiration and confidence that Maurice, and those like him, have been doing for so many years.

The flame of Sliabh Luachra tradition has been firmly planted in theose young hands and hearts - ensuring that in years to come there may well be festivals in their honour, celebrating THEIR contribution to the music and life of the region.

It promises to be a another GREAT festival this year, with internationally famous musicians taking part once again. And, of course, the great man himself is still gracing us with his presence, and will be shaking hands and drinking drinks with his fans in the various watering holes around the village! Get there if you can!

And don't forget - this year is also the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter uprising. Brush up on the words of those Rebel Songs - there's likely to be one or two of them sung!!

Do ensure you get plenty of sleep before you take the trip - there might not be much when you get there!

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